Giving Back To The Community


Giving back is a great way to get to know people and what’s happening in your community.
We at Skinners are passionate about giving back by supporting a number of charities in Christchurch.
We are proud supporters who like to give back to the community by partnering with the Special Childrens Parties.
These annual events provide unforgetable experiences for disabled and disadvantaged children in our community.
Autism New Zealand empowers people living with autism to make informed choices and take action every step together. They also act as a voice for the autistic community, providing support and advocacy through their education and outreach programmes. Limited funding means every generous dollar from our fantastic business community is essential to
support diversity, and to empower people living with autism.

Bringing Hope To The Table

Christmas Box started as a grassroots local initiative, delivering Christmas gift – wrapped food boxes to neighbouring families in need.
Christmas Box is a food box that caters to a family of 4-6, helping supplement breakfast, lunch and dinner meals over a week.
Police Managers’ Guild Trust provides straightforward, useful information that helps people avoid becoming victims of crime and works toward a safer community for you, your families and your businesses.
The Trust achieves this by educating communities through the use of its annual Police Managers’ Guild Trust Journals, this website, social media and through strategic alliances with the business community.
These cover themes such as Drug and Alcohol awareness, Family Violence, building a Safer Community together, Better Parenting, Crime Prevention, and Child Safety.
Believing that it takes a village to raise a child, 24-7 YouthWork enables healthy relationship between a local school and a local church in the context of the wider community.
Being local, stay committed.